Classic Web Solutions specializes in affordable professional Web Services


Classic Web Solutions offers professional Web Design, Web Site Hosting, Search Engine Placement, Graphic Design, Content Management System, E-Commerce and Domain Name Registration at reasonable rates.

Whether you need a new website or you require us to redesign your existing website, we will be more than happy to create a website that best suites your company's profile.

Your needs are our most important job for today!!! Allow us to help you by giving us a little information about your company. You will find it very convenient to use our quote form which allow us to review your needs before we communicate with you.

We can help you in the following ways:

(Designing a Web Page) Creating a website for you.

(Designing a Mobile Website) we can help you create and optimize a mobile version of your website to give your prospect clients an enjoyable experience in browsing and buying from you using their mobile devices.

(Website Hosting) Renting you a space where your website can sit on the net.

(Domain Name Registration) Setting up your personal website address on the net.

(Search Engine Placements) Placing your website on search engines so that people can look for you on the net.

(Setting up email access) Gives you an option to get efficient and fast communication with your clients.

(Content Management System) Gives you access to manage your own content, through an administration system that is part of your website. You can quickly and easily make changes to your web site at any time.

(E-Commerce) Setting up an online shopping cart for your clients to purchase products from your website.

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